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“Being a full service Inbound Marketing firm with five professional types of services, Middle East Social Media will be the Choice That Will Change The Way You Are Doing Business.”

  • Social Media Optimization and Management (SMO/SMM)

Middle-East-Social-Media-ServicesSocial Media gives companies and organizations an exceptional ability to Build strong active communities, engage with their audience, and strengthen relationships with customers. Social Media and New media are not fad, they are fact. Many smart companies and organizations like yours are trying to understand exactly how to use it to increase brand loyalty, drive their growth, decrease their costs, and gaining a competitive position in their market.

It is not a secret any more that your employees and customers are already there. They are now interface more with Blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumbler, YouTube, and their smart phones than they do with television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and email. The truth is with the new media revolution the value of old traditional channels is fading, and companies are shifting from mass media and messaging to engagement, relationships, and conversations. They understand the importance of Social channels and want to be where their customers are. The question is: What are you doing about it?

If you don’t have an effective social media presence and online reputation monitoring/management strategy in place, If you are not utilizing social channels to increase social mention, enhance customer service activities, increase your market share, and if you are not providing social media awareness training for your employees, then you are flying blindly, spending your money on high cost and low ROI marketing activities, and most important handing over your customers to your competitors.

Middle East Social Media will help you enter the Social Media Space

effectively; we will build your online new media channels, train your staff, and develop strategies that will enhance your current marketing, business development and other strategic objectives.

We also help companies already active in the Social Media space to get real results (Results that actually impact their P&L).

You don’t own the decision to invest or not in social media, your customers own it. Millions of customers are using social channels daily to share product recommendations, chat about negative and positive brand experiences, and looking for products and services to spend their money on.

It’s time to get in touch and talk about getting where you want to be. Contact us now and we will be your trusted new media department.

  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization/Marketing (SMO/SMM) are starting to blend together to become the ultimate marketing machine on the web. To create an effective internet marketing strategy companies can’t have one without the other. Link Building, On-Page Optimization, Organic Traffic Growth, Content Development, User Engagement….the list goes on about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization/Marketing (SMO/SMM) can join power to amplify your end results.

Dubai-SEO-ServicesBusinesses now choose to operate online and invest a great deal of money in developing websites. However, if your website is not appearing in search results and converting well it is the same like a billboard in a desert. People need to find you first before they can buy from you! Search engine optimisation services can improve the search results standing of a business website and in doing so raise awareness of its products, services and online presence.

Professional SEO services can reduce the burden of having to keep updating keyword-optimized content, by incorporating blogs and articles into your strategy. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing,..) Like fresh content and dynamic weblogs. Analyzing data to track the progress and effectiveness of SEO services is another core reason why you should use professional people to handle this mission.

We don’t say words we give results, Middle East Social Media will make your website active, dynamic, and most important converting well. If you have a current website or planning to have one, we are your choice. Contact us now and let’s help you achieving your goals.

  • Marketing ROI Measurement and Online Conversation Monitoring

One of our unique skills is to show companies exactly where their marketing budgets are being wasted and where they are best spent.

Get Positive Social Media ROI with Middle East Social Media (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, KSA Saudi Arabia)Together we will measure social mention, eyeball, responses, popularity, and most important where those impressions affects your sales and revenues. In other words, we will calculate real results (P&L) Not Only Impressions.

Just imagine being able to see, where your marketing dollars are impacting your sales and where they are vanishing into air. Isn’t that great? Find out more here.

  • Speaking Engagements

Contact Middle East Social Media now if you want our professional team speaking at your next event, training your staff, or spending a day brainstorming with your executive teams.

Speaking Engagement and Social Media Training In Middle East

  • Creative and Strategic Services

Since we understand that many businesses don’t have strong online channels and others straggle to have one, we have built our Creative Services unit to help them achieving their goals without draining their budgets.

Our creative services include:

Web Design

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Blog Set Up and Design

 Channels Design

And that’s not all…We also provide a variety of strategic services and skills:

 Content Creation

Blog Consulting

Online Reputation Management

Visit our Creative Unit and choose your Online System Here

“Bottom Line Most of your current and potential customers are online. They are engaged with new media. They are discussing the brands and products they love and the brands and products they don’t. They have influence and power to affect your company and its product sales. Winning companies are developing strategies and tactics to listen to, learn from, analyze, understand and engage with this powerful new channel. Your customers have made the decision what are you wait for?”

Contact Middle East Social Media Now, and have your own New Media department at your service..